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The EnergiVault technology can be used in a wide range of applications, the primary ones being energy management, capex reduction and combined cooling and heat.
These applications can be found in many industrial sectors including:

• Food including dairy, ready meals, meat and fish production
• HVAC & building services
• Leisure including ice rinks
• Chemical and pharmaceuticals
• Plastics and rubber
• Beverage

The technology is fundamentally a thermal store to displace or augment chiller cooling loads. In addition, some applications will have both cooling and heating loads, such that the integrated EnergiVault condensing unit can deliver hot water at 30°C and 70°C simultaneously whilst producing a cold thermal store.



Process Cooling

Primary Applications

There are three primary applications for EnergiVault thermal energy storage:

Options could be A; B; C; A + B; C + B

A: Energy Management – Displacing chiller loads

Manage chiller electrical loads onsite to reduce triad, DuoS red zone and peak energy prices by load shifting.

Realise value from demand response the National Grid’s programme for network balancing.

B: Combined Thermal Storage Charging and Heat

The Energivault charger naturally decouples the use of the stored cold energy and the heat rejected during its charging.

This is best illustrated with an example; whilst charging the standard EV10 thermal store at 35kWt over 10 hours, the system can provide a constant hot water at 30°C at 35kWt and 70°C at 15 kWt.

C: Capex Reduction – Avoid Sizing Chillers for short term load

For system upgrades and new installations where the specification calls for short term high intensity cooling demand, combine Energivault and baseload chillers to reduce capex.