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What is a SMART energy user?

SMART users are able to reduce their electrical consumption on demand, whilst not comprimising productivity.  

In the freezing and cooling industry this was a very difficult task until the advent of EnergiVault.

EnergiVaults thermal banking technology allows complete flexibility, whilst providing cooling/freezing capacity directly from EnergiVault.



Over 4 GW of power is used driving refrigeration equipment in the UK alone.
This represents approximately 10% of the UK's total energy consumption.

Get SMART with

Typical Energy Demand Profile

The information presented below is from Drax Electric Insights and provides an instantaneous view of electricity demand in the UK, wholesale electricity price and carbon intensity of the grid for a given 30 minute period. It shows the mix of supply technology and provides detailed reports on the UK wholesale supply network. Feel free to explore this data.

This data shows that at some times of the day and year energy prices reduce significantly, offering those with the right supply agreements to benefit, for example charging their EnergiVault system at very low cost.