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Operational Energy Savings

The EV system added to an existing cooling system enables off-peak energy to accumulate in a thermal battery to provide high intensity cooling for short durations. This load shifting creates value from tariff rates and reduced transmission and distribution charges.

Demand Response

World-wide, operators of national and internationally connected electrical grids all have the same problem – matching supply with demand. EnergiVault’s Cold Thermal Energy Storage (CTES) technology contributes to grid flexibility through Demand Side Reduction, Fast Frequency Response and Demand Turn-up strategies for industrial refrigeration plant.




Capital Cost Saving

Where a chiller has to be sized for a base load plus daily peak cooling duty, EnergiVault combined with a smaller base load chiller can be first cost competitive compared with a chiller sized for peak, thus delivering immediate operation cost savings.

Integration with local renewable or onsite generation sources

Where businesses have renewable or other onsite power such as PV or CHP, surplus energy can be utilised for thermal storage production, maximising value from such local inputs by ensuring all energy generated locally is consumed on site.

The future of cool energy storage is here.

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